Hotel Gym Workout

Know what’s great about hotel fitness rooms? They are almost always empty! A personal training room :) There is nothing about this workout that makes it specific to hotel gyms so feel free to complete in the comfort of your living room, dorm room, or even at the gym.

Hotel Gym Workout (or dorm room, at home, anywhere workout)

We’ve been staying at a hotel in Boise and of course the exercise room was the first thing I checked out when I got here. It’s the best hotel fitness room I’ve seen, not claustrophobic and has a decent amount of equipment! Two treadmills, stationary bike, elliptical, three strength machines, full set of dumbbells, mats and medicine balls plus open space, surround sound, tv and air conditioning. Can’t really ask for much more, can we? It was empty after we first arrived and I had been sitting in the car/airplane for a few hours so I got right to making up my own circuit.

You will need:

  • A timer
  • Set of weights (I used 10-lb. dumbbells)

Hotel Gym Workout, easy for on the go, at home or in your dorm (

Complete 5 sets of Circuit One and then move on to 5 sets of Circuit Two.

A little explanation for circuit one: On sets 1/3/5 do 12 x bicep curls; On sets 2/4 do 12 x tricep extensions. Circuit workouts are designed to go straight from one exercise to the next, keeping the rest time to a minimum. Your heart rate will stay elevated that way!

I know some people like to think of the motto “I’m on vacation” as a guilt-free excuse to indulge in extra foods and take a break from working out. Honestly, staying fit is easier on vacation because there’s no tight schedule to squeeze it into, you’re not exhausted from work or school, and it’s a great way to sight-see if you’re getting active outside. Plus you will feel better about any extra snacking you do, knowing it’s being somewhat counteracted by physical activity. And exercise keeps me happy and feeling good, so vacation and exercise go together like peanut butter & bananas if you ask me :)

Back to the Boise River for us, we have an afternoon of rafting. Catch ya on the flip side!

Boise river Greenbelt Run (

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  1. Thanks, Kenzie…Syd, my Nephew, and I are headed for Lake Arrowhead Wednesday morning…I may have to re-read your blog when I get there to motivate me to use the resort gym! <3

  2. Kenzie… I am so addicted to your blog. Thank you so much for inspiring to start running again. I was a huge runner before I had my daughter 11 months ago. My pregnancy was really hard and I gained A lot of weight… But you have,in ways you don’t even know, rekindeled that passion for wellness but more importantly RUNNING. Keep up the great post :o) ~ sending some montana love~

    • This makes me so happy! When you have passion you can enjoy running so much, whether you use it as time for yourself or push your daughter’s stroller with you. Keep going! P.S. I am actually roadtripping through Montana this week and I’m so excited for the scenery and hoping to find some wild huckleberries :) Run on, girlie!

  3. This is like a morale booster for me for my travel days. I always never follow my fitness regime, only to come back home with a couple of more kgs round my waist

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