Power Smoothie & Raquetball

All the spring break days are blurring together and I’m not ready for it to be over! Every day has included a trip to the gym to try out something new like the Boot Camp and Kickboxing classes. Yesterday: Raquetball.

Disclaimer: Aside from running and “workouts” I am not athletic. Throwing, catching, hitting, kicking, or dribbling? Weak. (Dodging? I can do that!)

Raquetball was purely for fun, and I think my abs got the most of the exercise from constant laughing. It’s just the natural instinct to AVOID anything that is rapidly approaching my face, so we didn’t get much of a rally going ;) Fetching the ball around the room counts as exercise too, right?

Raquetball (stronglikemycoffee.com)

(Any Gilmore Girls fans out there? I couldn’t find the whole scene on Youtube but I am probably as terrible at Raquetball as Lorelai.)

*Edit: found the clip I was looking for. The last 15 seconds are really all you need :P Gilmore Girls Raquetball

Such an exhausting silly workout warrants an extra nutritious smoothie lunch. My strawberry banana smoothie had two extra ingredients to give it a healthy boost: Spinach leaves and Ground Flax Seed.

Spinach Smoothie

A.) Spinach in smoothies is totally undetectable. You can see tiny green specks but they have no flavor, just lots and lots of vitamins. It’s a freebie!

B.) Flax Seed has lots of Omega-3’s, and blends in perfectly with the fruity smoothie.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Spinach (stronglikemycoffee.com)

Other sneaky smoothie ingredients for added health benefits:

  • cocoa powder
  • cinnamon
  • protein powder
  • wheat germ
  • Kale
  • Oats
  • Ginger

I can’t get over how perfect it is outside, so a run around the park is next on the agenda. With a recovery smoothie to follow (chocolate banana!)

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  1. Love Kickboxing!!! :) I will have to try bootcamp for the first time this Saturday. I used to play raquetball last year, it’s hard! You have to be really fast to hit the ball. It’s a good workout but I ended up ripping my leggings because I tend to slide on my knees. It was kind of brutal for me so I got discouraged. LOL.

    Your smoothie looks good though! Smoothies sound good especially after an intensive raquetball workout. :)

  2. I just made myself a frozen banana smoothie – I think I should def try adding spinach to it. Always thought it might give it a weird taste. Am enjoying your blog and your fitness recipes!

  3. OOOOH I’ll have to try your smoothie Kenzie Lou! Sounds delicious!!

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