Pre-Weekend Workout

The Gilmore Girls will be reunited in T-3 hours! No, not the originals…my mom and I! She is driving up for the weekend as we speak, so I got myself to the gym bright and early.

I like to “pre-burn” calories before I eat them, and knowing that we would be out and about the next three days, I had a lot of pre-burning to do! Again, I was treated to an empty gym. I say it every time like I’m surprised, which I shouldn’t be because it is always this way. I just can’t wrap my brain around how 20,000 students can pass up this brand new two-story exercise center!

Anyways, this morning was a repeat of last Friday’s Rise and Grind Workout, with some minor adjustments because I had to get through it FAST.

Instead of doing the bicep, tricep and back exercises with free weights, I opted for machines.

As always, the lunges and squats kicked my butt (while BUILDING my butt…oh the irony). Some one told me that if you smile while you work out, you can trick your brain into thinking you are actually having fun:

(Smile like this in the gym and people will think you are absolutely crazy.) I didn’t understand – isn’t working out already fun?! ;) Okay some days it takes more work than others. But I left the gym satisfied that I would be guilt-free eating out tonight! Time to have a monumental mother-daughter weekend. Happy Friday!

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  1. Kenzie, you are TOO CUTE! I am enjoying reading your blogs! Hugs!!

  2. My mom and I used to watch the Gilmore girls all the time.. Love it

  3. Your lunges look perfect. I must admit that is one of my least favorite exercises. :)

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