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70 miles a week doesn’t leave much time to blog…

I fully planned on writing up a post last night after I got home, but I got completely sucked into the book I am reading and about 6 chapters later I realized I’d better just get to bed for my early morning track workout today. (But I highly suggest reading The Long Run, an autobiographical story about a New York fire-fighter and triathlete who was in a tragic bus accident and attempts to rebuild himself!)

So here I am, refreshed after some speed work, ready to try this again. My post-workout breakfast this morning ended up being spontaneous and delicious: I ran some hard 400’s this morning, and am coming back for a double run this afternoon so I needed some quick energy-replenishment. I mixed a mashed banana and beaten egg in a microwavable bowl, adding in oats and cinnamon until it was thick. Then I microwaved it on high for 2 minutes, and it came out with an oaty-cake texture, with lots of banana flavor. With a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks-blend coffee, it was such a good hearty meal- perfect combination of protein, carbs, fruit (and caffeine). ;) But not pretty enough for a picture…

As much as I absolutely love the snow, it really is inconvenient to run in. The slick icy sidewalks and my tendency to be a little clumsy have made running outdoors impractical this week. I’ve alternated between the treadmill, the indoor track and the concourse of our dome stadium for every run this week. So if anyone has any good suggestions for songs to add to my ipod, please share!

Snowy trees

One afternoon, I chose to cross train on the elliptical instead of running my 4-mile afternoon shake-out run. I had to laugh when I walked into the fitness room and saw the other two girls working out while watching “Paula Dean’s Best Dishes.” The girls were literally moving in slow motion on the ellipticals while they watched Miss Paula whip up some kind of cookie-cake combination that was of course topped with ice cream, and probably melted butter. Not my idea of workout motivation… Since they were almost done I had to change the channel and was happy to find an oooold episode of Boy Meets World! I used to love that show; now it looks so cheesy. The corny story line, the funny clothes. Still, I’d happily watch 90’s sitcom reruns over half of the crap that is on TV now. My cross training went by in no time thanks to Cory and Topanga!

Bozeman, Montana Track Meet 2012

Bozeman, Montana Track Meet 2012

This week’s training has been insane and primarily by myself since my team is currently in Montana for the Indoor Track & Field Conference Championships. I would have loved to have qualified for the meet and be on the trip to beautiful Bozeman with them, but I knew that wasn’t realistic after only training for 5 weeks. I am, however, within 10 seconds of my 3k PR and am taking full advantage of my time this week to push myself and ensure that I’ll be heading to the Outdoor Track & Field Conference Championships in just 11 weeks where I can tackle the 10k again!

Off to run again. Enjoy your weekend