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Lookin’ Back at 2012

My 2012 in a nut shell:

  • JANUARY: Start of my very first job. Star of new semester. Start of my very first indoor track season (which began pretty shaky with a not-so-stellar 3k).

Track Meet (Kenzie from

  • FEBRUARY: Qualified for the Conference Indoor 5k. Ran the fastest 5k time of all the freshmen in the conference. My birthday!
  • MARCH: Spring Break. First actual SNOW DAY. First Outdoor track meet in Tucson

Snow Day (Kenzie from

  • APRIL: Track trip to California. PR (personal record) of 17:50 for the 5k. Qualified for the Conference Outdoor 10k. ‘Jocks vs. Greeks’ dodgeball tournament.
  • MAY: End of freshman year. Traveled to Bozeman, Montana with the track team for Conference Championships. Ran my first 10k! Wild Huckleberries. Bulldogs on Skate Boards. Home for the summer.

Bozeman Montana (

  • JUNE: The Maine concert with Danielle (my second time seeing them live!) :) Beach. Roller blades. Running. First 3D movie.

The Maine concert ( Maine concert with Danielle (

  • JULY: New York City! Subways, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station. Central Park, Bryant Park, Washington Square Park, Times Square. 1st surgery. Long recovery. Launched Strong Like My Coffee.

Strong Like My Coffee Blog

  • AUGUST: Pack up. Move back to school. Sophomore year!
  • SEPTEMBER: Football games. Cross country meets. Recipes. New Roommate – Fernanda! Pumpkin Spice Latte back at Starbucks. Happy Girl!
  • OCTOBER: Mom visits for Girl’s Weekend. FINALLY started running again :D :D :D Ice skating. Rock wall climbing. First snow fall. Pumpkin Carving. Happy Halloween.
  • NOVEMBER: Beyond ready for a weekend at home. Hiked to the ‘Bridge to Nowhere‘. Emergency Room. Rode a mechanical bull. Thanksgiving with family. O Christmas Tree.

bridge to nowhere (

  • DECEMBER: End of semester; 2nd surgery in NYC; survived the Mayan Apocalypse; Merry Christmas!

Columbus Circle Clocks (

After 5 months I have over 100 blog posts, and followers in 82 countries (I didn’t even know 82 countries existed!) So here are my Top 5 Favorite Strong Like My Coffee Moments:

5.) Our hilarious adventures Not Hiking Mt. Humphries:

No trail (

4.) My Dad’s 50th Birthday!

daddy n me

3.) All things COFFEE:

coffee n core

2.) My fave recipe: Strawberry Banana Oat Cookies :)

Strawberry Cookie Ingredient

1.) The Many Faces of Missy:

I couldn't resist!

Practically my mascot!

Have a fun & safe New Years! I haven’t come up with a resolution yet, but I’m working on one! See you in 2013 ;)