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Bucket List Item #24: Catch a Fish

We took our fishing poles and tackle box out to various Idaho rivers and ponds all throughout 2022. I think the first time I tried fishing for this bucket list item was in May during our Father’s Day camping trip. We took Zeb’s boat out on Lake Cascade and spent a while casting and reeling with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Another weekend, we took the opportunity to bring Brynnley in her stroller with us along the Boise River. The spot was also fruitless, and we made a second stop at a local park’s pond. Again, we left empty-handed.

I know they call it “fishing” and not “catching” because you don’t always hook a fish, and that’s why it’s meant to just be an enjoyable pasttime outside. Which it is. But it’s frustrating to devote so much time to an activity that I’m trying to complete for the list and have no guarantee of when it will finally be accomplished!

I am so happy to report that this afternoon, I caught a little fish and brought him home.

Meet Dragon!

A veiltail betta fish, this little guy is our very first family pet ☺️

We have steered away from committing to any pets because we already feel limited on time and flexibility with Zeb’s work schedule and a baby. If I weren’t allergic though, I would absolutely have a cat. I do really like cats (especially their low maintenance…) but too long around one and my arms break out in itchy hives, my eyes start watering and I sneeze like crazy. Boo.

When capturing a fish in the Idaho waters proved more elusive than I imagined, I got creative with the interpretation of this bucket list item.

This guy’s bright blue tail was so pretty to me, and he also made direct eye contact when I was picking out my fish. He was very active and swam around the most. I’m not sure what other criteria makes a great pet fish, so I decided that was enough to make him my #1 pick.

I did a little bit of research and watched a couple YouTube videos before I went to the store with Brynnley to pick up all our supplies. I got a little tank that has a reservoir and makes cycling in new water really easy. He’s also got a little heater suctioned to the side, which is what that black power cord is for. I mixed in two types of rock, added a decorative Asian temple for cover and a little greenery. I also got fish food, tap water treatment drops, and a vacation feeder in case we go on another long weekend soon.

So far the little guy seems impressed with his new digs. When Brynnley and I come up to his tank to watch him swim, he comes and stares right back at us.

I would like to figure out how to get less bubbles along the glass, so if you have any tips, please let me know! :)