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On my fear of needles & habit of snacking

Today was a big day for me. I had a doctor’s appointment to aspirate (you can google that) the fluid that had accumulated underneath the incision in my belly. And for the first time ever, I was going all by myself! Admittedly, I’m a big baby when it comes to blood and needles and bodily fluids. You would think that with all the experience I’ve had with these things I would be used to it by now, or at least less squeamish. Nope. I am every bit as nervous and frenzied as when I was five years old getting my kindergarten shots when my screams could be heard from the waiting room. Okay, I don’t scream anymore. But I DO still squeeze my mom’s hand, which was why it was so intimidating going to this appointment alone today. Whose hand would squeeze – my own?!

The procedure went by really quickly, and was less painful than I built it up in my head to be. But I was still proud of myself for it and my first thought upon exiting the office was “What can I treat myself to on my way home?” I admit, I often do indulge in Starbuck’s, ice cream, or something similar after an unpleasant situation. Having something satisfying to look forward to makes the situation more bearable! But in this instance, I am currently a couch potato who has not had any real exercise (that kind that makes you SWEAT) in almost 1 whole month. So any “treat” I felt I earned had better be in the non-edible form. While I could have easily convinced myself to pull into any one of the THREE Starbuck’s I passed on my way home, I decided that the moment of pain did not warrant a 400-calorie splurge.

Along with cutting out extra “treats” I really need to curb the afternoon snack attack that seems to creep up around 2pm every day. It’s not that I’m hungry; boredom just brings me wandering to the cupboards, looking at the same things and hoping something exciting has appeared. I’m a “grazer” as my dad calls me: a little of this, a scoop of that, a bite of these, a handful of this. That is dangerous though when it all adds up! So I made myself these little reminders to be mindful of snacking:

The hope is that the next time I mindlessly head to the kitchen, I’ll be reminded to rethink my snacking habits.

I even gave myself some alternatives!

We all have our weaknesses, but habits can be changed. Now I just need some duct tape for the jar of peanut butter….