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Easter Highlights!

IMG_6034Good morning this Tuesday! I’m a day late on my Eater Weekend post, because travel days are always busier than I expect! I had my sunrise road trip back to school on Monday after a fantastic weekend in the San Diego area.

I came home for three and a half days for Easter weekend. My family is pretty small, and we are lucky to have such great friends who “adopted us” into their extended family for the weekend. :) I’m sure you’re getting pretty sick of reading and hearing about Easter again and again so I’ll make this quick with a few favorite highlights!

The Centerpieces!

This is one for Pinterest. Our friends who hosted the party made these adorable springy centerpieces by filling a vase with jelly beans, peeps, and flowers. The flowers were held upright with empty toilet paper rolls. Genius!

Easter Table Centerpiece on Strong Like My Coffee at

Lemon Drop Martini’s:

We tested out a few recipes for a lemony cocktail. End result was a pitcher of vodka, triple sec, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, stevia, ice and mint leaves.

We even took a walk to some neighbors to hand pick the lemons that we squeezed. Talk about homemade :)

Lemon Drop Martinis on Strong Like My Coffee at

Dying Easter Eggs:

After 20 years of dying eggs with the same PAAS kit, you eventually run out of creative egg ideas. We had some cool ombre eggs and some interesting sticker accents…. but our eggs looked pretty much like everyone else’s 80 million eggs.

Dying Easter Eggs on Strong Like My Coffee at

Missy’s Play Buddy:

Of course we brought Missy along for the trip. We couldn’t believe we didn’t buy a bunny ear headband for her, would’ve looked perfect on a little fluffy white dog. She made MANY new friends that day, but the sweetest moment was when 3-year old Bella climbed into Missy’s pen with her to hang out. They looked so cute, a toddler in her Easter dress inside the dog cage with little old Missy. :)

Hanging out with the fam!

At first I wasn’t going to consider joining the group for Easter because of the long drive to and from school. But it was SO worth it to hang out with happy fun people in the sunshine and just relax.

Family at Easter ( Aaaand there you have the last of the Easter recaps. :)

Xoxo Kenz