Bucket List Item #25: 30 Regular Push-ups in a Row

I’m happy to report that Dragon is alive and well in his new home still :) Apparently betta fish are notoriously temperamental with transitioning into habitats, and they either live 90 minutes or 5 years….. We surpassed the former!

Today’s bucket list accomplishment was one of the tasks that really doesn’t offer much of a story with it. Rather, it truly was a task that I simply checked off with some physical effort in a couple minutes and carried on with my day. (What took me 11 months then..? Don’t ask.)

So, I will happily use the blog post then to continue to share some other highlights from life recently. Like good ole’ journal entry posts from back in the day.

I knew that I needed a witness to my 30 push-ups so that no one could accuse me of having poor form or cheating. So I went over to my parents’ house and set myself up in their garage gym. My mom came out to watch, count, snap a couple photos, and confirm that I did in fact get full credit for this task.

The first 15 were easy and I knocked them out, boom, boom boom. The next 15 were much harder and I had to pause for a couple of seconds throughout. By the last two, my arms were shaking and BARELY built up enough power to push me back up to a plank position. But I did it! My mom is my witness haha.

Like I said, there’s not much of a story beyond that! So what else is going on over here?

My book club just met up last week, this time Liz hosted. Every month, we trade off hosting at our houses. If you are the host, then you get to pick the book that month. Liz picked “Daisy Darker” which I downloaded on Audible because I’m still finishing my physical copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses. I always have one physical book and one audio book that I’m working through at a time. I’m really proud of the fact that my book club has been going for over four years now. We’ve had some members come and go, but it’s always a really good girls night full of conversation!

Recently I started to think about what content I will continue to blog about after my 30 List is complete in the next couple of weeks. This list was a catalyst to launching back into posting after a hiatus and I’m glad that it really motivated me to not only schedule in memorable events, but also provide the outlet to journal them here for myself and others. Moving on to next year, I don’t think I need a list to hold myself accountable to again. I’ve had a year to find a groove of sharing organic content again – like Idaho events, long weekends, vacations, baby updates, life updates, and random occurrences that I want to preserve.

I’ve also really wanted to share more about the lifestyle of a family with a commercial pilot husband because the schedule alone can be very challenging and strange. My favorite blogs to read and YouTube videos to watch aren’t necessarily someone giving me tips and solutions, but other relatable girls showing their everyday life that I can just tune into and enjoy. (I love when they include funny things their kids say and do, or any content of people on a luxurious vacation or trip) Sometimes it’s like an escape, or just a fun little glimpse into how differently other people live. Is it just me, or by this far into winter is anyone else getting a little sick of the inside of their home?

All that to stay, while I’m in the final sprint of this bucket list blog endeavor, I have plenty on the horizon for when it’s over. I’ve got 5 more tasks to finish in 8 days soo……I’ll likely be seeing you here again tomorrow 😁

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