Bucket List Item #18: Take a Dance Lesson

As you learned in previous posts, we attend a LOT of country concerts and I always love seeing the couples country swing dancing together. All the twirls and the cute boots! I also love the choreographed line dancing, although I don’t know any by heart. Some line dances are simple enough that you can just watch for a minute and pick it up pretty easily (Copper Head Road).

When I saw an Instagram post about weekly line dancing lessons at a local steakhouse on Wednesday nights, I asked my friend Sarah if she was up for a girls night. Next I just needed to find a Wednesday night that Zeb wasn’t traveling for work so that he could stay home for a daddy/daughter night with Brynnley while I went out!

Sarah and I met at the Indian Creek Steakhouse in Caldwell, Idaho. It’s one of the more popular restaurants in this area; it’s very spacious inside in a cute “town square” looking area. It’s got a full bar along with the restaurant, but it’s also very family friendly. It’s two-story, so people on the second floor can look over the indoor balcony at the stage and dance floor area in the middle of the building.

The dinner menu is strictly “steak and potatoes” though, so Sarah and I decided to grab dinner at a restaurant down the street first. I ordered a delicious salmon salad and we both cheers’d a skinny margarita to our girls night out. We walked the block to the Indian Creek Steakhouse right before the dance lessons began and we were pleasantly surprised at how many fellow dancers were on the dance floor, especially for a Wednesday night! Sarah grabbed us each a white claw that we set at a two-top table to secure ourselves a spot when we wanted to sit down for breaks during the 90 minute lesson.

Since it was just the two of us, I don’t have many pictures from the night! We were busy kick-ball-changing and boot-stomping.

The dance lessons were organized by a local professional company called Dirt Road Dancing. They offer private lessons, but also participate in these local free events too. We learned 3 different line dances in the 90 minutes, each progressing in difficulty. The first dance we learned was pretty basic and easy to follow along. After she instructed us for several minutes, we all danced along while the rest of the restaurants’ diners watched us from their tables or the bar.

The second dance was my favorite; there was a little more variety in movements, some extra turns and pivots and shimmies. It was a fun one to bop along with everyone else! The third number really was “advanced” and a little challenging to keep up with because it was SO FAST. They did a “competition” round once we learned the whole routine. It was a self-monitored contest, basically removing yourself if you messed up or missed a step until there was a last man standing. I came in 2nd place (first loser) 😉

We had so much fun that we DEFINITELY wanted to go again and bring our husbands – not that either one of them would actually dance with us, but they could watch and admire our country moves. Unfortunately Dirt Road Dancing announced they would be taking the winter off of these Wednesday events shortly after. However we will definitely go back whenever the kick back up again, hopefully in the spring!

(Unrelated photo because I have no more pictures from that night! 😁)

There’s still more dance lessons I hope to do – I didn’t want this to be just a ‘one and done’ bucket list item. Honestly, I would even like to find an adult hip hop dance class or something. In college, I LOVED attending Zumba classes at the campus gym because it was just a ton of girls following along to choreography with good music and it was so much fun to me.

Signing off now because my baby will wake up soon from her nap and then I need to get started on dinner. I’m making a red curry tonight with veggies and shrimp over rice. I’m also about to cross off another list item because we are starting the LAST Harry Potter movie! We started watching them in May so this has been a long time coming to finally get to the finale :D Speaking of TV time though, I have to say that I have found a few good shows recently because I like having some background entertainment on when I’m home alone with the baby or when I’m winding down for bed. I’m currently watching White Lotus and it just makes me so ready for another international excursion; the landscape scenes are so beautiful to look at and escape to! Perhaps that’s just because it’s dreary and ugly here today and the bright sunny waterfront setting is even more appealing, but if you need a new show then I’d recommend that one!

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