5 Things Thursdays III

On Friday Eve around here, we like to share the Top 5 Things I’ve Heard, Seen, Read and Tasted this week. :)

5 Things Thursdays Blog Post

1.) This New York Times Article about the ‘Naked and Afraid’ Behind-the-Scenes Staff

We’re starting off on an interesting note….potentially TMI territory. Even if you’ve never seen the Discovery Channel TV Show ‘Naked and Afraid,’ you probably have some idea of the premise behind the series. But have you ever thought about the people whose entire job is to blur the body parts that need to be blurred?! Apparently it is a 5-person full-time job to censor the unmentionables and the ridiculousness of their daily duties will make you appreciate your own office environment a little more.

2.) Powerful Personal Trainer Podcast

Last week I wrote about my latest addiction to podcasts while walking AND my personal training certification. This “Thursday Thing” covers both – the best podcast related to personal training that I have found (and I went through a lot!). The two guys who run the podcast as well as the guests they bring in to interview each episode are so engaging and the time literally flies by while I’m listening and walkin’. If I wasn’t inspired to put my certification to use before, I am now!

3.) “Underdogs” from Chris Young

Regardless of your feelings towards country music, you should add this one to your workout playlist. A.) Christ Young’s sexy voice will distract you from your physical pain and B.) it has one of those adrenaline-inducing powerful beats that drives you to instantly pick up the pace. I loved playing this song during last week’s hill repeats!

4.) Healthy Honey Nut Banana Muffins

A little shameless self-promotion here, but hey! How do you know a recipe you found on the internet is a good one? When the picky blogger who wrote it consumes a whole batch in less than a week, that’s how. ;)

Healthy Honey Nut Banana Muffins on the Blog Stronglikemycoffee.com

And if it’s the food processor that is keeping you from making this super simple recipe yourself (I get it, I get it. Dishes suck.), then just grab the 99-cent ground oats and ground almonds at your local grocery store and mix in a bowl instead. On the other hand, if it’s a nut allergy that’s deterring you, welllllll I can’t help you there.

5.) Inspirational Quotes from Pinterest

My Pinterest board topics span from apartment DIY projects to random pictures of baby piglets licking ice cream cones. (Google “piglet + ice cream cone” and you will not be disappointed.) But one board that I continually build is my “Inspiration” board because there are so many truth-telling, heart-hitting quotes on there! If you ever need a pep talk, just head to the quotes category on Pinterest and you’ll go from Debbie Downer to Beyonce in no time.

Inspirational Quote

This doesn’t really need any of my own commentary…it pretty much speaks for itself! Maybe it will be applicable to you too, whether it be fitness goals, career goals, relationship goals, or even just hair style goals. One day I WILL master that damn fishtail braid.  ;)

And now it’s your turn! Share a Thursday Thing that you enjoyed hearing/reading/watching this week in the comments. Enjoy your Thursday! Xo.

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  1. Just saw that you are blogging again! So happy to see that, I’ve loved reading about your running, recipe, and coffee adventures! So glad you are continuing with Strong Like My Coffee!

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