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Good morning! I’m in full-on spring cleaning mode for the day and have my to-do list written out. For some reason, writing everything down keeps me on track (plus it feels awesome every time you get to cross something off).

So today I’m kicking off a new weekly series called 5 Things Thursdays: The Top Five Things I’ve heard, seen, read, or tasted this week! There are so many inspiring health and fitness bloggers that I follow, and that’s actually how I am introduced to a lot of the new brands, foods, music, or tv shows that I try. Usually I end up loving what my fellow bloggers recommend, and I’ve started to compile my own list of things that I found particularly outstanding that week.

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Feel free to leave a comment with a Thursday Thing of your own! :)

1.) The Barkley Marathons documentary (on Netflix!)

This is no “color run”. This race is pure evil, and these runners are pure crazy. The film is about an “underground” race in rural Tennessee that attracts ultra runners with a need to test their own physical limits. This one might only appeal to runners, but the quality of the 90-minute documentary was really well put together and so interesting, with plenty of humor thrown in.

One of the runners featured in the documentary was from Arizona. I went to school in Flagstaff, AZ at Northern Arizona University which has a noticeably “hippy” culture. I jokingly said to my dad that this kid looks like he’s from Flagstaff. Well, I googled him and it turns out we both went to NAU at the same time! He tried out for the cross country team (that I was on) and didn’t make it – now he’s one of the up and coming elite runners in the country. Random but cool :)

2.) The Wonder List with Bill Weir

This weekly cable television show follows former sports newscaster Bill Weir to a new international location each week. He interviews locals, learns about the culture, and talks about all of the changes that the environment is going through. Okay, I’m making it sound a lot more boring than it is….Bill is a natural storyteller and the scenery is amazing. I’ve learned about the feminist culture of Iceland, the longevity of people living in Blue Zones, and most recently the diminishing water supply of the Colorado River. But I promise it’s not as National Geographic as it sounds; it’s the kind of reporting that makes you realize how enormous this earth is and how little we really know.

Savannah GA Historic and Charming City (Stronglikemycoffee.com)

3.) Caramelized Honey flavor at Starbucks

Three years ago, I blogged about my intense love for the honey latte at Starbucks (here) and it still continues to be one of my most-viewed pages every single day. Apparently Starbucks accepted our honey nostalgia and introduced caramelized honey flavor! I added two pumps of the caramelized honey to a venti iced americano (I think venti’s usually have 6 pumps?) and it was perfection.

4.) “Sweet Beginnings” by Bebe Rexha

On repeat.

5.) Panera Bread’s New (Secret?) Salad Menu

Last week I met a friend for lunch at Panera Bread. As a semi-regular at Panera (or Paradise Bakery, as it goes by in Arizona) I know the menu by heart. On Monday, I noticed so many unfamiliar words on the menu board: Watermelon Feta Almond Salad / Green Goddess Cobb / Chili Lime Taco with Quinoa / Chinese Citrus Cashew 

Brand new flavas!

Top Five Things This Week  Stronglikemycoffee.com


Two days later I went to a different Panera location, and they didn’t have ANY of these new salads. They aren’t online either. No one has posted anything about them. Is it a one-location thing? Like a test? I wish I would have tried more! Watermelon Feta with Almonds……? I hope they add these everywhere soon!

There’s my list. Short n’ sweet :) Feel free to share anything you’d add in the comments!

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  1. Love your new Thursday Things…..Thanks to you,I now have a catchy new song to add to my workout playlist and a new fav coffee. I totally agree with you that Bill Weir is such a natural and captivating storyteller that you get so caught up in his stories while learning something so interesting and profound. Everyone should watch is shows. Bummer about the Panera menu….I’m looking forward to trying that watermelon feta salad as soon as it ‘re-appears’!! Look forward to next weeks recommendations!! :)

  2. The Bill Weir show sounds very interesting. I will have to check it out. I actually like watching the National Geographic channel. 😃

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