One Last Note

Good morning, sunshine :) I began writing this post several times. I’ve kept it a draft for a while, fine-tuning and nit-picking. But here it is:

For a little over three years now, I’ve written hundreds of blog posts with thousands of pictures. It’s become a scrapbook for me, documenting my own journey through college and finding balance with a healthy lifestyle. I’m very proud of some of the work I’ve produced (and trust me, I cringe at some of my work too…) Today, though, I’m closing my chapter on Strong Like My Coffee. Today marks the end of my blogging career while I pursue my other passions :)

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I still love writing. I still love taking pictures. I still love health and fitness, running, weight lifting, and hiking. I love learning about the body and exercise science, and finding new challenges. I love creating healthy beautiful recipes, I love learning about nutrition and the healthiest ways to fuel our bodies. I just don’t necessarily feel the need the share it all so publically. My heart hasn’t really been into blogging for some time.

Writing new posts turned into a “chore” when it meant giving up a couple precious hours of “free time” I had each week. My blog’s focus is on health and fitness, so any splurge on ice cream or Cheez-its left me feeling guilty of being a hypocrite.

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My About Me page needed a total re-haul, updating the fact that I am no longer 21, a college student, a sports marketing intern or a cross country athlete. The entire “theme” of Strong Like My Coffee has circulated around Healthy College Girl….I’m still healthy and I’m still a girl but 33% of that equation is no longer accurate. I’m not a food blogger, a fitness blogger or a lifestyle blogger. I lost my niche. And I had no interest in finding a new one. As I realized the need to update my “About” page and my overall theme, I knew that I was actually ready to be done.

After opening my personal fitness journey up to the world wide web, I’m gaining an appreciation for privacy. For keeping my journey my own. So for now, I’m focusing on training for November’s marathon, studying for my personal training certification, continuing my marketing career, and figuring out independency as a 22-year old who’s been too spoiled for her own good :)


When I started this “project, ” blogging was a hobby to distract myself during my recovery from surgery. I think it served its purpose. I found new passions in creating healthy recipes, trying new forms of workouts, learning about fitness trends and following some pretty cool other bloggers. I’m ready for my next projects/distractions, whatever they may be.

Thank you for reading and supporting Strong Like My Coffee for these past three years! I hope you have a happy, healthy and wonderful start to your new week :)

Love, Kenzie

About Stronglikemycoffee

College student-athlete committed to living healthy and happy. I want to share my recipes, fitness tips and silly stories with YOU! There's nothing like crushing goals and becoming stronger than you ever knew you could be.

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  1. You will be missed.I enjoyed waking up to your posts. As a college student I could really relate. Glad you are ready to start a new chapter in your life.If you ever decide to come back to the blogging world…we are ready :D!

  2. Best of luck to you Kenzie. Thanks for all you’ve shared. May you forever be strong… like your coffee.

  3. I was afraid this was coming…but understand! I have enjoyed your blogs through the years and have always been impressed with your dedication (not only with this blog).
    Enjoy your extra few hours when not blogging!!

  4. Good Luck, Kenzie! You are an inspiration.

  5. aw you finally did it. I’m proud of you, but I am gonna miss your posts!! I can’t wait to see where this new journey takes you :)

  6. I always loved reading your blog. I feared you already stopped, when you didn’t post for several month last year. You inspire me with your time managment skills in college and all the things you did and still graduated with honour. I’m still in college, so I guess I have to keep going.
    Good luck for all the things you have planed. I’m sure, you will do fine :)
    Greetings from Germany, Lisa

  7. Michelle Brandon

    Thank You for the past 3 years! I’ve learned so much from you!! Best of luck in all your ventures and enjoy some free time and Cheetos now!

  8. Sad to see you go, but I’m glad you’re entering a new stage of life. Best wishes!

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