Starting New in Boise!

I was hoping to just casually slip back in and start posting about running and smoothies again, but I’m pretty sure some sort of explanation is necessary after a 6-month hiatus ;)

Six months ago I wrote the post “One Last Note” {scroll down} because I needed to take some things off of my plateFinding balance between working a full-time job that involved 2 hours of commuting each day, studying for my NASM personal training certification, training for a marathon, getting enough sleep, trying to keep a social life, and continually coming up with new blogging material all at the same time was a struggle. Eventually I realized that I couldn’t handle it all, and since I wasn’t able to give Strong Like My Coffee the 100% effort I would have liked, I removed it from the equation.


Fast-forward to today – a lot has changed! And in this case, change is good :)  I’ve finished up my NASM course and earned my personal training certification. I’m no longer training for a marathon. I’ve quit my full-time job and freed up 2 hours a day from the commute alone. But the most DRASTIC change of all – I am moving to Boise, Idaho in 5 DAYS.

I’ve lived in the same cute little blue corner house my entire life. (Except for 4 years of college in Flagstaff, AZ). Over the past three years, I’ve had more than my fair share of challenges which affected my mood and outlook. One quote that I’ve always LOVED: “If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.” Starting somewhere new has been a dream of mine, and I’m finally ready to take the jump! New city, new apartment, new job, new friends. Boise is such a gorgeous scenic vibrant city that I cannot wait to explore.

Boise river Greenbelt Run (

All in all, I’m just happier with where my life stands and I realized that my plate isn’t too full anymore. And that I miss blogging.

I love creating new recipes, taking pictures, writing, designing, and interacting with others. I love reading blogs and gaining new perspectives on fitness, nutrition, balance, and general life stuff. And I have so many fun ideas to share, so many fitness topics to discuss, so many conversations related to finding balance in our crazy, busy, stressful, wonderful lives.

Mammoth Lakes Coffee Shops Stellar Brew Basin Bowl

It’s taken me two full weeks to figure out how to revive Strong Like My Coffee though. Ever since Strong Like My Coffee was created, it was a “Healthy College Girl” blog. Where does that leave me, as a graduate out in the real world? Well as my dad reminded me, everything in life evolves. Just because one phase is over doesn’t mean that we can’t blend into something new. Is “Healthy Post-grad Girl” a thing? ;) Maybe not. But I am right in the thick of handling job applications, interviews, moving into an apartment, having to make new friends, starting a brand new job and living my very first year without homework. And managing stress, finding new fitness goals after my collegiate athletic career ended, and transitioning from student to full-time adult takes some time. You may have noticed I’ve thrown out the word balance quite a few times in this post already, and I think that’s the direction this whole blog is headed.

Graduation Cap Decoration

SO – now that the whole “hey, hello, what’s up, I’m back, miss me?” explanation is over, we can get back into the fun stuff! I’ve updated my “About” page & lined up new interesting posts to kick off next week! :)

Today I’m working on packing up my entire life into Home Depot boxes while listening to Sam Hunt on repeat and sipping an iced vanilla Americano. While going through my entire closet, I found so many coins in random pockets and bags, so I cashed them in for a $13 Starbucks gift card – score! Hey, I told you I’m recently unemployed ;)  It almost makes the multiple hours of packing bearable.

Candle and picture frame with quote |

Creating a brand new fresh start in a new city, new apartment, new job, and new friends sounds so glamorous – and trust me, I’ve been dreaming about it for 2 years now. But there are some really un-sexy parts of relocating too, and I want to keep it real here! Like the 14 drive, climbing three flights of stairs with heavy furniture, having to register at the DMV and getting lost on new running routes. Thank goodness for smart phones, I don’t know how people relocated before them. Can’t wait to share all of the ups and downs of this new adventure!

P.S. Thanks for sticking around while I was on a little break, you guys are the best :)

XOXO Kenz.

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  1. Awesome! God speed and happiness to you on your journey. I, too, have started over, but I’m 54 years old! I am happier than I have been in forever and loving my life! It wasn’t easy – don’t get me wrong – it’s baby steps and your dad is absolutely correct! It is an evolving process. A journey. Whatever you make of your journey is just that – whatever you make of your journey! Positive, Godly, reinforcing, surrounding yourself with good people – I mean good people, healthy people, Godly people, who care for you back! Kudos!

    • Thank you so much! I’m definitely prepared for a challenge and I know that starting over is going to be difficult at times, but I agree with you that a positive attitude and good people will make the whole experience worth it! :)

  2. So glad you’re back!!! Can’t wait to read all about your new adventures!!!

  3. Kenzie, so glad you are back! I use your posts as a guide for my son who is off to grad school after graduation. You have been so helpful (recipes, what to expect, etc) that I truly appreciate your posts. Best of luck to you!

  4. Welcome back :)

  5. WELCOME BACK! So excited to tag along during this new chapter!

  6. Yay! Happy you can fit this in again! Looking forward to your blogs and hearing more about your adventures in IDAHO!!! Missing you all this Easter!! Dying eggs on Sunday and trying Mango Margaritas, but having lemon drop martinis on Easter…Safe travels!! Hugs

  7. I was so happy to see this post pop up in my inbox today! Good luck with your packing and moving transition. I’ll send some good vibes your way!

  8. So happy to see you back in the blogosphere where you and your passions belong!! You are a true inspiration to me and to so many others. I look forward to your posts and your abundance of positive energy! Xoxoxo 💖

  9. I’m glad you’re back! I love reading your posts!!

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