9,000 ft. Up

My much-needed vacation had a lot on the agenda but blogging just wasn’t one of them. It’s been nice to fill my days with running, exploring, photography, hiking, playing games, cooking, swimming, fishing and star gazing. We’ve got plenty of drinks, music, snacks, trails, lakes and people around to keep our days pretty full without feeling like we have a schedule to keep or a blog post to edit.  Not going to lie, it’s been refreshing to go a full week without developing an article! 

Our very first night here, the village square was hosting a Margarita Festival that had the best people-watching I have ever seen! It’s also where I fell in love with this sleepy doodle and may have started picking out names for my own in the near future…

The 9,000 ft altitude isn’t too far from the 7,000ft I’m used to from 4 years at NAU but the oxygen-deficient air mixed with the hella-hilly terrain was a challenge on my Sunday morning run. My lungs felt a nice burn, which made me realize how comfortably I’ve been running at home. I need to find a few local hills when I get back to mix it up! I climbed a few hundred feet to Twin Lakes and enjoyed every second of the fresh air, tree-top views, deer sighting, pine trees and creeks and lakes along my path. 

We’re still going strong up here in the mountains and I’m feeling like a kayaking adventure today so this girl is signing off. :) 


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