Happy Easter! 

Happy Easter from Strong Like My Coffee! 

 Good morning from the mountain tops in San Diego. I can’t wait to share our Easter celebration details! Yesterday afternoon, the girls in the group tested out Lemon Drop Martinis, dyed eggs, filled plastic eggs and ate an impressive amount of jelly beans while the boys did boy things. 

In a few minutes, the rest of the group will come for Easter Brunch and the egg hunt. I haven’t been around an egg hunt for the past few Easters since I’ve been at college and it’s so fun to be around family and festivities! :) 



Catch ya with a full recap tomorrow :) enjoy your holiday! 

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  1. Karen Burnworth

    Oh my, such beautiful table decorations. It was great to see you yesterday after such a long time. I really enjoy your blog. You have many adventures and successes ahead of you. Sending love and Easter blessings this day.

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