Summer Watermelon Cake

So let’s just enjoy this San Diego scene before we get too invested in this Monday morning:

San Diego Sunset shot (

It was one of those weekends that felt perfectly like SUMMER in every way. We stayed with friends in the San Diego area for a weekend with lots of good food, pictures, and hiking. Even Missy had a good time!

Missy in San Diego (’t she look like she’s actually smiling? However her “cuteness” was upstaged by this 6-week old kitten who waddles when he walks.

Kenzie and Kitten (

Our weekends here always include new hiking adventures. This time we did a back-to-back double feature starting with a shoreline trek in Torrey Pines followed by a (STEEPER) hike up Cowle’s Mountain. We could see 360 degrees of the city and downtown, although the humidity and clouds made them pretty grey and dreary.

Beach hikes and Watermelon Cake ( the thing I MOST want to share with you in our “Pinterest Win” of the weekend….a Watermelon Cake!

Watermelon Cake Summer Dessert

I’ve seen this on Pinterest for a while now and had it on my to-do list this summer. It was the perfect summer afternoon “craft” instead of baking in the 90 degree heat. During the hour and half we took to cut, frost and decorate the cake, I am pretty sure I consumed about 4,326,921 blueberries, 1/5 a pineapple and half a cup of cool whip.

Pinterest Win Watermelon Cake Summer Dessert

It really isn’t difficult at all! Try to find a symmetrically-shaped watermelon, the perfect oval. Chop off the ends and then slice off the green. Using COLD Cool Whip or whip cream, frost the cake like usual. (Pat the watermelon with a paper towel to soak up as much extra moisture as possible.)

Set the frosted cake in the fridge to cool and “set.” Note: you will not be able to adjust the frosting after this.

To decorate the cake we used blueberries, black berries, strawberries, and almond slivers but don’t limit yourself!

In the end….it’s just a fancy-shaped watermelon with some whip cream. But you know what? It TASTES LIKE SUMMER:

Flavors Chart (

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  1. I’ve seen the watermelon cake on Pinterest and I have been dying to try it! Yours looks amazing!

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