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I’m feeling very restless with no  exercise for over a week! I know the point of this break is for our bodies to recover from a long hard season of training before diving right back into summer workouts but 14 days is a long time. I gotta break a sweat!

Hundreds of blogs out there have their convenient little exercise routines posted on Pinterest, so I decided to pick a couple and make a combo workout: Goodmorning Yoga by Thoughts by Natalie, Intense Abs by Back on Pointe, and Sunrise Circuit by Peanut Butter Fingers.

Fun fact: The Nike video included in Natalie’s post was one of the commercials we analyzed in my recent advertising class. The boy in the commercial went on to lose over 30 pounds!

Intense Abs Back on Point

Minor modifications of this workout: increase the planks to 1 minutes and add a weighted medicine ball to the Russian Twists. (Totally had to look up what “bird-dogs” were!)


There’s still nothing like lacing up some running shoes and pounding the pavement for an hour, but at-home workouts can be just as effective as going to the gym. Unless of course you tend to be easily distracted like Jenna Marbles:

Dips to the floooor.” My dog Missy is just like Marbles, needy for attention whenever home workouts are taking place! She sees me doing planks and decides to lay as close to my face as possible. Or while I’m doing crunches, she just stares at me which is slightly creepy. I really want to know what goes through that cute furry head of hers.

Post-workout smoothie time!

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  1. haha I rarely do home workouts because that video is my life. If I’m not going to the gym I at least go to the park or something so that my TV/ general apartment doesnt distract me

  2. Loving the yoga sequence!

  3. I feel your pain with Missy . . . whenever I’m stretching or doing a home workout, my dogs won’t get out of my face. For some reason, watching me exercise is exciting for them. Ha ha.

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