Rain Ain’t No Thang

Weather is no barrier for cross country running! The muddier, the better. We’ve had rain for days but track training must go on. Although Saturday, I did cheat a little bit by taking my 6-miler to the treadmill. Usually treadmills make a 4 mile run seem like 9, and the clock moves in slow motion. But this time, I actually felt so good at 6 miles that I decided to just finish running the rest of the hour and completed 8 miles on the treadmill. I had a fantastic view from the second floor of the gym overlooking the north part of campus and the overcast grey skies. With my music, I literally lost track of time while ticking off each mile on the tread. That never happens.

I wasn’t even going to anticipate this uncharacteristically-pleasant treadmill run to repeat on Sunday, so I planned my Long Run outdoors come rain or shine. (But most likely rain…)

Running in the rain (stronglikemycoffee.com)

Ankles were definitely covered in mud by the end.

Since I already had some Sunday plans, I needed to get an early start on the 12-miler. Not in the mood to go solo, I enlisted my friend/teammate Kerri to keep me company. She rode her bike next to me through the nasty weather, and played photographer for a little bit too ;)

Lead Biker Kerri (stronglikemycoffee.com)

I was so grateful to have her there, because I know I would not have made it all 12 miles without some company. That little voice in my brain would’ve told me to just cut it short so I can brew some coffee and climb back in bed. I’m glad I didn’t! That was the longest I had run since July. Amazing feeling (:

Running in the rain has it’s perks:

1. PUDDLES:  You are already wet; might as well make a little giant splash.

2. Dark Clouds & Rainbows: Just too pretty.

3. No one can tell how much you are sweating because you are already soaked!

4. Feeling like you are in a Taylor Swift song.

5. Totally earning a steaming cinnamon coffee afterward.

If you aren’t such a fan of this gloomy weather, then as Gary Allan says, “Every storm runs out of rain.” (He also has a song called “Songs About Rain” ……) I could literally come up with a whole playlist of Rain Songs.

  • Bruno Mars, It Will Rain.
  • Hilary Duff, Come Clean
  • Adele, Set Fire to the Rain
  • Luke Bryan, Rain is a Good Thing
  • We the Kings, Rain Falls Down
  • Taylor Swift, Fearless

Okay so that turned out to be a shorter playlist than I thought. My point is, even on a dreary day we can find the bright side! Hope your week is off to a great start. : )

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  1. OMG I ran in the rain here too today, I actually went out to jump in the puddles, made it fun… also the park was empty so it was like hello running heaven no one to annoy me hehe… I hate treadmills although in saying that I’ve only been on them 3 times and all three times I’ve had ‘issues’ first one I literally went flying off as I had turned it up too soon and wasn’t ready (big fail)… haha… anyway, glad I’m not alone and you like the rain too… Oh lucky that you had a friend for the long run, I know how that can be, such an effort! :)

  2. Splish…..splash!!! :) What troopers you two are for heading out in such dreary weather. Luckily, you can find the fun in running in some of the worst possible weather conditions. So glad you and Kerri train together. Looks like you two had fun despite the the puddles and raindrops!! Hope you had a big cup of hot COFFEE afterwards! :) :)

  3. beautystillremains

    feeling like you are in a t.swift song = awesome! Way to go on 12 miles!

  4. O gosh I know those runs good for you for finishing it!!! but hey if the puddles are there they are meant to be run through!

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