Outgrowing Sprinkles and Skittles

As a 9-year old, I was sure that when I became a grown up and made decisions for myself I would have ice cream for breakfast. I would make cookie dough specifically to eat raw. I would never buy vegetables because I didn’t have to; I would survive off of goldfish crackers and elbow noodles and I would always get a candy bar at the check-out line. (Preferably the cookies n’ cream one!)

Clearly I was not concerned with diabetes. ; )

Throwback (stronglikemycoffee.com)

Throwback from the 90s!

My current 19-year old self was thinking about all of this while sipping my hot coffee this morning and realizing that I AM a grown up and my 9-year old self would be very disappointed in my breakfast: Coach’s Oats with sliced banana and cinnamon… Where are the sprinkles? What about the hot chocolate with whipped cream? Why aren’t there any gummy worms?!?! (I’m totally picturing Buddy the Elf right now) ;)

Obviously as a kid, my parents pretty much decided what/how much I ate. So ten years later…What keeps us from eating everything that we want to?

How did we go from THIS to this?!

How did we go from THIS to this?!

Swim suit season/skinny jeans/spandex/gym clothes/guilt/self control/diabetes/obesity/cholesterol/money/intelligence

When I was little, I always wanted a snack – not the healthy kind. My mom’s response was always, “Okay, you can have a piece of fruit and if you’re still hungry, you can have a snack.”

Not the answer I wanted; 9 times out of 10 I turned down the offer. Now it’s a habit I tell myself! In the afternoon if I feel like snacking, I think “Would I eat another apple?” If the answer is No, sip some water and chew some gum :)

Also, things looked a lot more appealing as a kid! At the grocery store, I always wanted the frozen chocolate chip waffles and Cheeto Puffs. Now I think blegh; I grocery shop on my own and I still don’t put that crap in my cart.

If only elementary-school-me could see me now ;)

What are some unhealthy habits you’ve changed over the last decade?

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  1. That is one of the cutest pics of you!! Funny how we go back to what our parents taught us! But…I balanced it out. I still have desert EVERY day, cuz when I was little, we rarely go to eat dessert, so it was a BIG treat…Problem was, then ANY time we had an opportunity to have a dessert, we ate every bit we could fit in!! A 1/2 gal of ice cream was GONE in our house in 1/2 hr!…and my very first paycheck I bought Captain Crunch cereal cuz I was never allowed such things! haha…

  2. I love the pic your cheeks are to cute I think I see a dimple… I know as a kid I thought I could eat everything but old habits catch up to you quickly…

  3. You are soooo cute! It’s nice to know we instilled good eating habits within your choices. You’ve come a LONG way since your ketchup & noodle lunches or yucky ol’ grilled sandwiches on potato bread! You are an amazing cook with a huge passion for health and we love it!! Keep up the FANTASTIC work girl!!! : )

  4. You’re little self is so adorable!!! How cute! It is so true though, I always think back to the foods I ate and can’t believe it ha Once you make your own decisions and know what your body feels like when you eat healthy opposed to those sprinkles and cheese puffs, it makes it easier to not want the junk, not always though…ha Great post! I loved it!

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