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Today is JAM-PACKED with festivities so I had to set my alarm clock (on a Saturday?!) to get a jump on the day bright and early. I ate a banana on the way to the gym, excited and nervous for my first weight lifting session in a couple of months!

Since swimming seemed to go okay, I decided to test my exercising limits and see how some strength training would go (hoping that it didn’t cause any swelling). I got to the Rec Center Gym at 8:30am, disappointed find that it didn’t open for another half hour… Impromptu walk time! I made a couple laps around upper campus, returning at 9 to a DEAD gym:

Why so empty? 9am is a lonely time to workout in college.

The 30 minute walk had me nice and warmed up so I hit the weight racks and proceeded to pick out my wimpy dumbbells.

Macho Macho!

The last time I had any sort of strength training workout was early July, before New York. My dad calls me “olive oil” for my not-so-muscular upper body, and I was afraid I’d lost any progress I’d made in the gym for the last 2 years! So I opted for a light set of weights, primary 5 lbs but I did use these hefty 3-pounders for shoulder raises ;) It took me all of about 20 seconds of lifting to remember why I love working out so much. Even though I wasn’t sweating or struggling, it’s SO motivating to get in some quality exercise at the start of your day, making progress and challenging yourself.  I wanted to wake my whole body back up today so I didn’t stick to one muscle group like usual; instead I alternated between upper body and lower body:  (3 sets of 12 reps each)

  • Alternating between: Bicep Curls / Overhead Tricep dips
  • 12 Forward lunges
  • 12 Backward lunges
  • Alternating between: Lateral Arm Raises / Shoulder Press
  • 12 Forward Lunges
  • 12 Backward Lunges
  • Alternating between: Shoulder Raises / Single-Arm Standing Row
  • 12 Forward Lunges
  • 12 Backward Lunges
  • Alternating between: Torso twist w/ weights / chest press
  • 12 regular squats / 30 calf raises / 12 regular squats / 30 calf raises
  • 3 x 12 glute lifts
  • End with 15 minutes stretching

The reason I alternate between two exercises is so I don’t have to waste time “resting” in between sets. I can work my biceps, let them rest while I work my triceps and so on. I’m constantly working, constantly using some muscle group but giving the individual muscle its rest. It works out well and combines strength with endurance! I was able to complete the whole thing in 35 minutes and get back to my room for the busy busy day ahead! 

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  1. WELCOME back to training!! Woot Woot. Happy for you. Enjoy that “empty” gym, no sharing of equipment or waiting for something to open up. NICE for you that it’s empty, quiet, and so clean.

  2. I love empty gyms.. How long did it take you with out the stretch, and did you alternate weights with each set? Your shoulders look great for jut 3 and 5 pounds..

    • The weights alone took 35 minutes, and I always alternate between two different exercises. I typically use 5-8 pounds for shoulders (keeping it light, but increasing the amount of reps until they are BURNING) but for this workout, I was just starting to get back into weight training and wanted to keep it mild. Thank you for reading :)

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