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Bikes and BBQs

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend. So productive! The weather is gorgeous so my family definitely wanted to be outside. Monday morning began with a bike ride to the start of our city’s annual Memorial Day Motorcycle Ride. 7,000 motorcycles lined the street patriotically decked out (along with their riders) to honor our country’s veterans. At 9:11am they revved their engines and thousands of spectators lined the street to watch the parade.

Memorial Day Motorcycle Parade

Nothin’ says AMERICA like a 6′ 4” biker dude with a Fu Manchu and stars n stripes bandana.

My beach cruiser didn’t quite fit in. The piglet among the hogs… “Can I join your biker gang?”

Memorial Day Bike Ride ( the ride home, I ditched my bike and got in a decent run before heading out shopping (a true American pasttime!) . Yep, I already spent my first paycheck! Oops. I’ve been looking for a cute elephant necklace for a while. Yesterday Forever 21 came through!

Ellie necklace

Memorial Day weekend wouldn’t be complete without a BBQ. Guess what my dinner on the grill was? Hint: not a hamburger. Give up? Tofu! Trader Joe’s Sausageless Sausage to be exact. Don’t say ew, it was delicious and you couldn’t tell it was tofu. (Ha! Just like a regular hot dog…you can’t tell what it’s made of ;) )

Memorial Day DinnerYou wouldn’t even know this meal was vegan, would you!? I hope your long weekend was relaxing! It’s finally feeling like summer :)

Favorite thing to grill?

Mine is zucchini!