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Dad turns the BIG 5-0!

Today is a special post because today, my daddy turns 50! HALF A CENTURY! :P I wish I could be at home to celebrate with him but I couldn’t get out of an exam so I am sending my love via cyberspace. This song came on my iPod while I was working out yesterday and I thought it was so appropriate for his birthday:

(Source: DannyGokeyVevo Youtube channel)

It’s true! We have so many fun things planned in the future, beginning with a challenge I gave him in honor of his 50th birthday: a half century ride (a 50 mile bike ride). I want to do this with him, so we’ll have to wait until I get home but it will be so fun to complete a challenging long bike ride together. 50 and fitter than ever!

Get this: he woke up at 4:30am on his BIRTHDAY to go to the gym and workout before work. Now THAT is dedication. Props, old man!

Always and Forever a Daddy’s Girl!

Happy Birthday Daddy and here’s to 50 more! :)

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