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3k Time Trial

Yesterday was set to be my debut track race of the season. My school was hosting an indoor track meet in our dome, and I was entered in the 3k. Last minute, the whole meet was cancelled! Unfortunately, my parents were already scheduled to come up for the weekend and watch me race. So in lieu of their visit, I decided to just run a one-(wo)man 3k on the track as a “time trial.”

3k time trial

Last year, my personal best 3,000 meter time at 7,000ft elevation was 10:50. (I’ve only run one 3k at sea-level, my junior year in high school in 10:37.) I wanted to run this time trial to compare my fitness level to one year ago. I’ve been training for just under 5 weeks after 5 weeks off from the December surgery. Before that, I had 6 weeks of running after 3 months off from the July surgery. Needless to say, I am not quite in my prime racing shape. I’ve been putting in the miles, speed workouts, strength workouts, extra ab and core sessions, and eating extra healthy.

3k shoes

When my parents arrived  Friday afternoon, I had the 300-meter indoor track all to myself for the 10-lap “race.” My dad stood at the lap counter with his stop watch, looking very official and calling out my splits. Even though it’s not a real race, I still get nervous! My stomach gets butterflies and I think about all the things that can go wrong. Since I was all by my lonesome on the track, I knew I would have to keep myself from over-thinking and getting mentally psyched out. I tried to convince my dad to let me run with my iPod; he said NOPE. (To which I responded, “Fine then you’ll just have to SING TO ME! He did not. Lame.)

3k bellI did not have a goal time because I honestly had no idea what I would be able to do. My laps were not very consistent, and half way through I let myself get a little doubtful of my own abilities. But I finished with a kick in 11:12 which I am considering acceptable. Nothing really impressive, but of course it could be much much worse. Knowing that I am within 22 seconds of the previous year’s best is still pretty positive and I KNOW that in a real race with my teammates, some competition, my coaches, spectators and a legitamate uniform, I’ll be able to knock off at least 12 seconds ;) Next weekend we shall find out!

Another reason my parents are in town is to celebrate my birthday! It’s not until Tuesday, but we are filling this weekend with festivities. Which I am off to right now! Have a great weekend and if you are in the snow storms too, stay safe & drink some coffee.

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