Hardcore Cardio – Intervals!

Up until this point, my workout posts have been pretty mild. But guess what?! I have been cleared by my surgeon, athletic trainers, and the NCAA to return to normal training so get ready for some more intense workouts and fitness variety :D

Any fitness trainer, coach, athlete will tell you that INTERVALS are by far one of the best ways to increase your speed/strength. An hour on the treadmill, steady-state, will no doubt burn calories. BUT if you want to see improvement and work up to faster speeds, you’ve got to add in some intervals one or two times a week.

Intervals combine shorter, faster bursts of energy with a moderate rest period in between. It kind of seems like “cheating” because you get to rest so much, but that’s because the sprints should be faster than comfortable pace! Also, to make sure this workout is effective, try your best to maintain the same pace during the sprints from the first one to the last one. There is no point if you slow down as you get tired, because your body’s break through happens as you push past fatigue!

Here is a moderate interval workout on a track, using the straights and curves as your guides:

I loved this workout in high school. I remember we did this on the first day of junior year, when the temperatures had to have been in the high 90s. I had my pink water bottle on the track with me, and pounded out the laps. Workouts like these will get you in shape quicker than just adding mileage!

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  1. Ok, Kenz…I thought I was doing pretty good with my workouts and being pretty fit until I see that you call this workout “moderate”…this looks quite a bit harder than my almost-daily 2 mile jog! It seems more like the kickboxing class I take 2 days a week when she does 5 “turbos” in the workout – like your sprint, but your still seems harder.
    Not sure I can try this workout…yet! : ) Hugs…

  2. I LOVE intervals!

  3. Oh I love/hate intervals! ha They’re such a great workout, especially if you are pressed for time, but they can sure be a killer sometimes! This looks like a great one to try on the track, the weather here is not actually perfect for outdoor workouts during the day I need to start taking advantage before it starts to become freezing!

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