Oatmeal Obsessed

My favorite daily breakfast is oatmeal. It’s so filling and there’s SO much you can do with it. You have to get creative! I use an instant packet of oatmeal as a “base” to add in my own fillers.

It’s important to get the right oatmeal though, making sure it is low sugar or sugar-free, high fiber or raw. The amount of sugar in the “Cinnamon Roll” and “Dinosaur Egg” varieties is absurd and totally sabotages your awesome breakfast. I recommend Better Oats’ ‘Oat Fit,’ a sugar-free instant oatmeal with flax seeds and only 100 calories. They also have ‘Organic Raw’ with flax seeds and only 1g of sugar. Another favorite of mine is Coach’s Oats, a stove-top oat that is cracked so it has a different texture. Otherwise, any brand of instant oatmeal that is low-sugar/high-fiber will do (when sugar is paired with fiber, like in fruits, it is absorbed more slowly by the body).

Today I used a lower-sugar maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal. Then I add my fruit! My favorite is any kind of berry, but today I used peaches. Warm peaches are so delicious, especially with the spoonful of cinnamon I mix into every bowl of oatmeal. It smells AMAZING.

Sometimes I add bananas and almonds; other times I’ll throw in milk and honey. I’ve even mixed in sunflower seeds and craisons. You really can’t go wrong with a bowl of oatmeal and it is so filling and healthy.

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  1. Susan Campbell

    On top of your great breakfast ideas, I also like your pictures. I love oatmeal too but have to admit that I sometimes use the ones with a bit too much sugar…shame on me.

  2. “You really can’t go wrong with a bowl of oatmeal and it is so filling and healthy.”
    –Of course I whole-heartedly agree! Almonds and sunflower seeds are two of my favorite add-ins, too. Cheers, to good health ~ Lily

  3. A person who isn't about to be stupid and post her name on the internet where people will use it to sabatoge her

    I am so totally obsessed with oatmeal! When I grow up I’m opening an oatmeal bar called ‘Everything Oatmeal’. I’m a health freak, always getting plenty of exercise and eating right. People wonder why I’m so strict with my self, they tell me to eat whatever I feel like, but all I feel like eating is oatmeal!

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