Healthy Habits

This page includes links to blog posts that are not necessarily recipes or workouts, but still related to a healthy lifestyle. Some include grocery guides, meal plans, mental health tips, stress reduction, relationship advice, basic nutrition information and anything else that a healthy lifestyle may encompass! :)

Coffee table novel / Love or something like it |

College Girl – Healthy Tips:

Healthy Attitude:

The Strong Like My Coffee Summer Reading List is Here! | Healthy College Girl Blog

Nutrition & Daily Habits:

Bike Path in Spring on

  1. i just wanted to take a moment to say that i really love your blog. i discovered it by accident on new years eve and once i started reading, i could not stop! i literally read all of your posts and have been hooked, hoping for new posts all the time, every day. thank you so much for your motivation and inspiration. i’m sure people have told you things like this before but just know you’re really an inspiration to a young girl in wisconsin who will be off to college on her own next fall. much love (:

  2. I really like your blog, but I was wondering if you have any articles specifically about eating healthy on campus at the cafeteria or in the on-campus restaurants. I would really appreciate knowing any tips or tricks to help me eat clean even on this required school meal plan! Thank you.

  3. Im training for an October marathon and I’m in a huge rut at mile 14-16. How do you break runners block? I usually add new songs to my running playlist and put on my favorite running outfit but I’ve been struggling for two solid weeks, I’m a senior in college, this is actually my last semester. I eat well but this runners block is disappointing me all around.

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