I Knew It Would Come Back.

I left off with a post in November, and I knew I needed a break from blogging. I was finding my own townhome, living by myself for the first time ever, working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at our local gym (on top of my regular full-time job), dating, decorating my new home, searching for new jobs (my current one was not challenging enough and not related to my passion for health), making hard decisions, and adopting an 8 week old goldendoodle puppy. It has been quite the fast-moving 6 months and I’ll admit I was more than a little overwhelmed by it all. The inspiration to write just wasn’t there when I wasn’t feeling totally myself, so the break from writing was good. I knew the inspiration would come back some day.


I knew that when I settled into my own space, starting working on new fitness goals, and finding my focus again, the urge to write would appear naturally. And it has. (obviously… haha)

I was pouring myself a coffee and made a little mug of dry cereal as a snack to go with it as I sat down to my laptop. I had just lit a candle and started a new playlist on Spotify and I thought this is a really good moment  – no chores, no workout, no errands. My puppy is peacefully napping in his crate with his stuffed elephant. I think I’ll open a blank page and see what comes out.


If I had a motto, it’d be quality over quantity so I chose to skip posting for a couple (ehh okay a few) months until I had a better direction to write.

I’ve been in my new home for almost 5 months and I LOVE it. It’s 95% decorated, and the location and layout are absolutely perfect for me. I love that the entire upstairs is the master suite, and my corner grassy yard. Especially now that I’m sharing this pad with a fluffy 2-month old goldendoodle boy I brought home on June 3. His name is Riggins and our first 48 hours together have been full of firsts for him AND for me :) I’ll do a FULL blog post on him tomorrow.


That’s part of the reason I wanted to start writing here again. So much is happening and changing (and so fast!) that I want to remember it all. I want to get it all down to look back on with pictures and little stories.


Which will be another change for this space. I firmly believed for the first 4 years of this blog that it would be solely focused on health and fitness, particularly recipes and exercise tips. I made sure everyone who knew about my blog knew that it wasn’t an online diary and that I would keep the majority of my life private. But to be honest, the day-to-day life posts of other bloggers are my FAVORITE posts to read! I like reading about their weekend plans, their social events, their date nights, their personal thoughts on current events. Even though I thought I’d post primarily recipes and workouts, I find myself skimming or skipping those kinds of posts from others. Now that I’m back to blogging again, I want to create the kind of content that I like to read. It’s mostly for myself anyways, and if it brings you entertainment then that’s icing on the cake! :)

So future content will feature lots of scenic pictures, country landscapes, roadtrips, coffee shops, amateur painting, DIY projects, baking, hostessing, game nights, hiking trips, puppy playdates, running and strength training, and all of my other favorite things.


Riggins is starting to stir in his crate…we have his very first vet appointment this afternoon for a check-up, and then we are meeting a friend at a coffee shop next door. The coffee obsession has not changed in the past 5 months, don’t worry ;) I’m excited to write all about life with a puppy, summer running, Pacific Northwest roadtrips, and all of the fun social things that come up in between. If the past 5 months are any indicator, life changes FAST and it’s certainly unpredictable! I’ll leave off with some of my favorite photos from recent weeks and I’ll catch ya here again tomorrow.









About Stronglikemycoffee

College student-athlete committed to living healthy and happy. I want to share my recipes, fitness tips and silly stories with YOU! There's nothing like crushing goals and becoming stronger than you ever knew you could be.

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  1. Karen G Burnworth

    Happy to see you back. Love your new puppy. Congratulations on the new digs!

  2. Glad to see you are writing again. Your puppy is the cutest ever! I look forward to seeing more pictures of all your adventures.

  3. Welcome back! So happy see your posts and updates with adorable Riggins!! Xoxoxoxo😘

  4. Welcome back! So happy see your posts and updates with adorable Riggins!! Xoxoxoxo😘

  5. So happy to see you back. Looking forward to all the adventures with your cute little puppy. He’s adorable.

  6. I’m so glad you’re back Kenz!

  7. Welcome Back Miss Kenzie! It was a pleasure to arrive at work, turn on my computer and enjoy your blog with my coffee! :) Hugs and kisses to you & Riggins…. Can’t wait to meet him.

  8. Yay!!! So glad you’re back! And even MORE thrilled about your puppy! We got a labradoodle almost 1 year ago and he has been a fabulous addition to our family. He is so loving and loyal. I find myself browsing the internet looking at other doodles all the time. :) I have to say, Riggins is one of the cutest I’ve seen! Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures.

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