Best Day in Boise Yet

Hiking to Chickenfoot Lake Mammoth CA

First, I have to wish a public Happy Father’s Day to my Daddio! I can always count on him for dorky puns, reminders to fill my gas tank, a faithful hiking buddy and the best dang homemade pizza ever. Our Father’s Day included bacon, iced coffees, new hiking trails, and baseball tickets. Solid Sunday in our books.

Bacon Egg Avocado Toast

I have one more recap-style post for you before I bring back some healthy recipes and killer workouts, because last Tuesday was too perfect of a day not to share.

Like most days here now, it started with a sunrise run in the foothills of Boise with my new running team. I grabbed a cup of coffee at home and made standard breakfast: oats with flax seeds, cinnamon, banana slices, almond milk and blueberries. Maybe I’m a creature of habit but this combination never gets old.

Berry Banana Oatmeal

I’ve been working as a personal trainer since I moved to Boise, so I finally got dressed in something other than spandex for the first time in a while because I had my second interview with a local marketing agency.

It was a rainy and gloomy June day, just my luck. Curly hair + rain = poodle. I ducked and covered best I could until I reached the office and had a great meeting.

About 20 minutes after my interview, I was offered the position and happily accepted immediately. I am so excited to have a full-time job that utilizes my marketing and communications background for a company that I’m really excited about! Personal training for a big gym taught me that I do not have any interest in sales so this “project coordinator” position will be perfect for me :) I’m most excited to meet the rest of the team since I’m still pretty new in town!

Idaho Trails

Afterwards, I spent some time at the gym I work at while snacking on a Quest Bar and decaf coffee. That was my fuel for the strength and plyometric workout with the Boise Elite running team. One of the coolest parts of joining this team is the free personal training sessions we get with a local gym Jack City Fitness. Our trainer takes us through some Olympic-style lifts like deadlifts and bench press, along with plyometric exercises like box jumps and kettle bell swings, finishing with a core circuit. Even personal trainers like having a personal trainer every once in a while! :)

Empty Gym

We quickly changed out of our gym clothes and I threw on a sundress and denim jacket for a team dinner downtown at Bardenay’s. I got the Oriental Chicken Salad (again) and got to meet even more local runners around my age with similar running goals. We swapped numbers and set up some running dates and I drove home feeling like I had such a productive day. Two group workouts, a successful job interview, a new career to look forward to, and my first fun social outting since moving to this new town. It’s been one full year since I graduated college and that time was punctuated with major ups and downs and surprises and life changes – moving across the country was a little bit of a risk, but less than one month in I feel like it was absolutely the right move. I love it here :)

Idaho Lakes

Now that we’re all caught up on major life events, I want to bring back some of the health and fitness highlights that this blog was intended to focus on! Happy Monday xoxo.

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  1. A great day! Happy Father’s day to your Dad.

  2. Congratulations on your new job.

  3. Congratulations on the new job and the big move Kenzie! Love following your blog :)

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