Throwback Thursday #13: Missing Missy

Yesterday morning, my family said goodbye to our maltese Missy.

Missy Resting

My sweet Missy Girl has been all over this blog since it started. When I was in high school, I volunteered at our local animal shelter. Like any teenage girl, it wasn’t too long before I brought one of the rescue dogs home. Her name was Mitzy, a 7-year-old Maltese. I tried and tried to change her name to “Lila” but seven-year-olds don’t adapt so easily to a name change. We started calling her “Missy” because it was similar enough to Mitzy, and she joined our family for the past five and a half years.

Missy loves her coffee (

When I went off to college, she bonded immediately with my mom. Missy became pretty jealous any time I would come home to visit or stay for the summer. I was taking up too much attention for her liking!

Missy Girl (

Missy was our perfect family dog because Maltese are hypo-allergenic and don’t shed. She was perfectly content sprawling out in her bed or lounging with me when I was home recovering from surgeries. She joined us on weekend trips to San Diego, Northern California, and even snowy Flagstaff.

Missy Christmas

We knew she was aging when her rambunxious bursts of energy and laps around the house stopped, and her sight started to weaken. But so suddenly on Tuesday evening, she seemed to just shut down. My mom made the difficult decision to give Missy peace and have her put to sleep on Wednesday morning.

Missys Walk

Missy girl will be so missed and we are so grateful to have gotten to spend the last five years of her life with her. She was brought to the animal shelter at just the right time. I hope there are plenty of carrots in heaven. <3

Mustache Missy

Missy girl

Dance Party with Missy (


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  1. Kenzie, I’m so sorry to hear about your Missy. It sounds like you have some wonderful memories with her that you can cherish, and that she did come into your home at just the right time. Hugs.

  2. This breaks my heart. Missy was such a cutie. In my opinion, dogs are the best pets ever. I’m so sorry that Missy had to leave you. She was so lucky that you guys brought her home and gave her so much love.

  3. So very sorry to hear about Missy.

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