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First things first….Congrats to Allix for winning the Quest Nutrition Giveaway! Allix has been emailed, thanks everyone for participating & stay tuned for more fun collaborations with my favorite health and fitness companies :)

You may have seen from Instagram, I’m in New York Citaay this morning. I flew in on Saturday with my mom for another round of bleomycin treatments on my venous malformation. This is #5 out of 6 so which means we are getting closer to the cosmetic reconstruction portion that I’m excited about. And honestly, even though two days are spent in a hospital, it still always seems like a little “vacation” when we stay in the city. Sunday began with a long run in Central Park, brunch at Sarabeth’s, shopping in Times Square, iced coffees, and an evening walk along the Hudson river.

Stronglikemycoffee.com Central Park

I’ll fill you in on the details later this week, but I did want to share this cool infographic (well, I think all infographics are cool which could just be the marketing student in me talking) from Bankers Healthcare Group .

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a fun breakdown of some basics surrounding the importance of making time for exercise in our daily lives. Bankers Healthcare Group has its own healthy-living blog, BHG360. Since the company has an interest in one healthcare sector, it strives to maintain a connection to other sectors with an interest in health, fitness and nutrition as well. Its blog recently conducted a study and compiled an interesting post for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month which was in May. Fitness and its health benefits should be a priority 365 days a year, so I like the idea of extending National Physical Fitness & Sports month into the rest of the summer months. I would LOVE to help spread more awareness about the positive effects of physical activity and help people find the motivation to increase their overall activity!

BHG 360 Fitness Infographic 1BHG 360 Fitness Infographic 2BHG 360 Fitness Infographic 3BHG 360 Fitness Infographic 4BHG 360 Fitness Infographic 5

Sometimes we don’t even realize how our lifestyles have become less active and our bodies are incurring more negative effects due to the ever-increasing technology and popularity of convenience goods (eh-hem Netflix…drive-thru’s….online shopping…delivery grocery services…eh-hem). Hope you enjoy this little reminder about all the positivity that activity brings :)  My favorite piece is the bottom right corner list of 6 ways to revamp your routine because I really do follow all 6 when I get in a rut! So helpful!

I’m uncaffeinated due to pre-op restrictions so I will log off and see you here again Wednesday. Wish me luck!


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  1. Hi Kenzie! My name is Ava and I am a rising junior at Guilford College where I run cross country and long distance track. I am currently on my own journey of fitness and wellness as I have lost about 20 pounds since my senior year of high school. Though I have been running cross country since I was 16 & that both of my parents are vegan, I made pretty awful food choices out of the home. After a huge mindshift, I was back on track and I LOVE what this journey has showed me. Not to mention, I am from Brooklyn, NY and I hope you’re loving all the wondrous sites Manhattan has to offer, it’s a marvelous city. I hope you know how inspiring you are and how much I admire your dedication to running, to living a sustainable life, and your eagerness to share it with others. Best of luck with everything!

    -Ava Nadel

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    • Aw thanks Ava! I always love hearing from readers on their own fitness/healthy living journey & a collegiate cross country runner is even cooler! ;) thank you so much for your compliments, and you are right, I had a LOVELY couple of days in the city before I checked in to the hospital today. :)

  2. Hope it all went well :) almost done, 5 of 6.!
    sounds like you’re having an awesome time in NYC otherwise

  3. Hi Kenzie!

    First of all, I’ve loved reading each of your blog posts! I’m a health science major and a running/fitness/nutrition fanatic, like you. I was inspired by your blog and decided to create my own blog to spread my passion and knowledge of healthy living!

    As I travel abroad, I’m writing about different health aspects I find in each country. I’m working on a post about staying healthy during every stage of life and think that your info graphic would be perfect to include in my post. I was wondering if I could use the info graphic? I’ll definitely make sure to advertise/give your page credit for finding/posting it! If not, no worries, just wanted to ask first!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog! :)

    Caroline (twenty-fitandfab.blogspot.com)

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