Eli Young Band Party in the Pines

Two best friends reuniting after three months apart is easily one of the most joyful feelings in the world. Reuniting for a summer concert of our favorite country band? Almost too much excitement to handle.

During the hellish week of finals 3 long months ago, Kerri was at my apartment studying and listening to spotify. The new Eli Yound Band album “10,000 Towns” had just dropped, we were hooked from the second “Dust” came on, and looked up tour dates immediately. When we saw that the band was performing in our college town in August, we whipped out our credit cards faster than I can down a shot of espresso. Neither of us had planned on being in town in August… but we would figure it out!

Yesterday morning, I drove almost 500 miles. Just me, the road and the radio. You best believe I had my commuter mug in hand, caffeinated to battle the ridiculous truckers on the highway. Before I knew it, pine trees were coming into view and I felt giddy to hug my best friend, go downtown to properly celebrate her 21st birthday and have a blast watching Eli Young Band perform all of our favorite songs.

When we bought our tickets, we knew our seats were good. 2nd row dead center. But they were beyond our expectations – literally 18 inches from the stage. We could see Mike Eli’s eyes clearly (his beautiful, beautiful eyes…. Hahaha). I’m not even zooming in:

The highlight of the night was the first few chords of our FAVORITE song, when we knew he was about to slow down the show and belt out “Guineviere.” This song is one of the most-played songs on my iTunes account (triple digits) and it gives me chills. Hearing it live with hundreds of other country-lovin folks in an outdoor summer night party back in the pines was unreal!

After the show Kerri and I were no where near ready to call it a night. We shared Skinny Girl Sangria, laughed until our stomachs ached and our eyes were glossy with tears. I missed that redhead!
Today we are still in bliss over such a fun night, soaking up some vitamin D with our books and snack plates after the standard trip to Sprouts.

This makes me happy :)


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  1. What a super fun night!!! After a long summer of hard work you deserved a concert in the pines with such a hottie country band! 😉

  2. We could definitely be friends.
    Eli Young Band <3 Country<3 Reading, <3 , yummy healthy snacks <3 …

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