Week #2: Sugar Withdrawals, Coordinating Post-its, and Healthy Hair.

A little hodgepodge update on my Week #2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Program! I have to say the hardest part is the clean-eating meal plan. The workouts are the fun part…I LOVE my afternoons in the gym.

But this girl has a sweet tooth. As per the clean-eating dietary guidelines, the only sugar my body consumes is from fruits and vegetables. I’ve been processed-food free for 11 days (do I get a pin or something?) and I can attest to the fact that my body is going through (refined) sugar withdrawals.

Last night I craved chocolate SO BADLY that I tried to concoct my own “clean” mug cake…..it turned out very poorly. :(

***My saving grace has been Quest Bars! They are primarily whey protein isolate, nuts, cocoa, stevia, and pre-biotic fiber.

Clean eating...My food is prettier than your food. (stronglikemycoffee.com)

Because we are the generation of convenience, our bodies have been nourished with processed and chemicalized foods for most of our lives. GMOs, preservatives, additives, refined sugars, corn syrups and the infamous red dye #3 have invaded our once-nutritious food products. Clean eating eliminates unnatural products from our diet, which rules out about 80% of the products in today’s grocery store (I made that percentage up but I’m assuming it’s pretty close…).

Our bodies are now hardwired to crave quick carbs (sugar), particularly when we are bored, tired, or stressed. It takes 21 days to make and break a habit….I’m over half way there. No cheating now!! I’m banking on the fact that in 10 more days my body won’t crave chocolate anymore. Wishful thinking, right? ;)

Let’s talk about workouts.

Workout Post its (stronglikemycoffee.com)

This was too cute not to get a picture of. Kerri and I both write down our strength exercises on post-its that are conveniently stuck to our water bottles. When we hit the gym together the other morning, we noticed that my blue water bottle/pink post-it combo perfectly complimented her pink bottle/blue note. Almost like we planned it right?

Today was only my second time venturing into the leg machines in my campus gym because I tend to avoid the weight room during crowded times. **My leg workouts usually consist of squats, lunges, running, stairs and arc trainer sessions.** Day 11 of the LiveFit program had the leg press, leg curl, leg extension, and calf machines on the menu. After 3 sets on the leg press, I decided to test myself for a set at my max weight. I did 12 reps of 190 pounds. Next week 200! These quads are on fire ;)

Oh I decided to make my hair healthier too! I chopped off a good 6 inches for a new fresh start. I haven’t had any recent picture opportunities so I settled for a selfie. I’m sorry.

Short Hair Don't Care (stronglikemycoffee.com) Lastly I wanted to mention my kickboxing class because it’s been another source of inspiration for my healthy lifestyle. Kerri and I signed up for the kickboxing PE class so that we would have a guaranteed workout together a couple times a week. Jimmy the istructor is pretty cool but this week we have substitutes. Today, a woman who has been a fitness instructor for 33 years and owns her own fitness studio took over. She was so HAPPY and always smiling at herself in the mirror while she taught. I couldn’t help but smile too! Who knows, maybe that will be me in thirty years :)

And as a firm believer that music is my single most powerful source of workout motivation, I will leave you with the latest and greatest on my iPod:

Love the line “take the curve, you may be stronger than you know.” Told myself that on the Leg Press machine today. Ha!

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  1. I just finished my second round of all 3 phases of the livefit trainer on feb 1st! I loved the program and saw such great results that I did it again, lifting heavier. You are going to see some major results! Plus with all the added strength, you will run a lot faster. I shredded 11 minutes off of my marathon time! Now I am doing Ashley Conrad’s program The Clutch Cut following with her phase 1 and 2 of clutch from her website – trying to switch things up a bit! Good luck… Don’t forget to take transformation photos!!!

  2. Exciting! I need to cut out at least 30-40% more on processed foods, and sugar too. I’m glad you’re doing well! You look great (and I love the hair style :) )

  3. I’m addicted to sweets too. Girl Scout cookie season has not helped! I just try to balance it out by running (a lot) and eating healthy 80-90% of the time. I’ve tried eliminating all junk before but have never had success with the ‘all or nothing’ approach. The most important changes I made 20lbs ago were 1. No more soda, 2. No more candy bars, and 3.No more fast food (McD’s, BK, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, etc).

    I am going to check out the link to the LiveFit diet though, to see if there are other ways I can revamp my current healthy-eating efforts!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous. I just chopped my hair in december. I love how healthy it feels but it takes more time to style. I have to use pinterest to get ideas for new things to do with it. Great blog btw :)

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