Kerri’s Cardio and Core Workout


Working out is instantly more enjoyable with the addition of a.) an iPod, b.) a friend, or c.) a team of hot Australian guys to watch from the treadmill. My iPod hasn’t been charged in two weeks and the Australians are probably in Australia, but LUCKILY I had my friend Kerri to workout with last week! We love doing extra strength routines in the gym before or after our cross country practice. She created her own circuit workout for us to complete, and played “personal trainer” for our last gym session. Some of the exercises were even new to me – score!

Kerri's Core and Cardio workout - if you're looking to mix up your regular routine (

Let’s dive right into the workout! We started with a super set of the following:

  • 4-Step Squats (see picture below) 15 each leg
  • 4 Mountain Climbers; 4 Burpees; 4 Mountain Climbers; 4 Burpees (Holy Heart Rate!)
  • Jump Up! Touch your right toes. Jump Up! Touch your left Toes. Repeat 15 times on each leg
  • Monkey Push-Ups (see picture below) set of 10


Kerri's Workout - the 4-Step Squat. Maximize your Circuits!

Kerri's Workout: Monkey Push Ups (

The squats are essentially just bringing one leg straight up into a knee raise in between each squat.

The Monkey Push-ups. WARNING: You will look silly/ridiculous/quirky. Your butt is in the air, heels off the floor, and you continue to do a push-up, lowering your body until just before your head touches the floor. This works more tricep than chest.

Next we ditched the Circuit Format to do straight sets of some new and funky exercises:

Time for some Tricep Situps…these things take some serious core stabilizing. I’d never done them before, and the first time with a new exercise is always challenging. I guarantee you will feel the effects the next day ;)

Kerri's Workout: Tricep Sit Up ( for the FULL workout)

Instead of regular sit-ups on a swiss ball, add a 5-8lb weight, and extend it over your head when rolling back. Use your whole core to bring the weight and your body back to seated position. Complete 20 reps.

These next ones are not new. They are the shake-inducing, body-aching Leg Raises! I’m used to the style where you plant your elbows into the arm pads by your rib cage and I have to say that hanging is definitely harder. Start with Knee Crunches, graduate to Leg Extentions or alternature between the 2. Complete 3 sets of 10! *Make sure you’re not swinging your legs; no momentum!

Kerri's Workout: Bar Hang Leg Raise (

The rest of the exercises really don’t need picture demonstrations:

  • Body Weight Tricep Dips
  • Leg Raises (Lying Down)
  • Toe Touches (Lying Down)
  • Shoulder Press and Bicep Curls with Weights

The next day, I was S.O.R.E. That’s the great thing about new/different exercises – your muscles haven’t adapted to the movement over time, and are being utilized more than during your daily crunches. After repeating the same exercise many times, your body becomes more efficient. You don’t need to work as hard, you burn less calories, and you may not feel the next-day soreness anymore. That’s why it’s always good to mix things up. Thanks for the killer workout, Kerri!

Kerri and Kenzie (

 Friends who get fit together, stay together!

( ….Cheeeeeeesy. :D )

Find a friend, do the workout, and pin it here!

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  1. That looks like an awesome workout. I think I am going to try the tricep sit ups. :)

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