The Healthy Study Snack List

For those of us lucky college kids, its Mid-term time again! Do your brain and body a favor and snack smart during those late-night study sessions, hours of Facebook homework and pages of papers. ;)

Stress really does make you hungry, but if you eat yourself into a Hot Cheeto food-coma, your grades and your waist-line will suffer. Here is my list of the top Healthy Study Snacks for whatever you are craving:

1. Popcorn – Great snack instead of chips! They now make 94% fat-free Whole Grain popcorn, which is just 20 calories per cup. Paired with a tart green apple, it’s a perfect salty/crunchy healthy alternative

2. Low-fat string cheese – I just learned today that Kraft makes string cheese in ‘Sweet BBQ,’ ‘Tomato Basil,’ and ‘Cracked Black Pepper’ flavor. For only 60 calories, I’d try all three! Portion control makes string cheese a great snack.

3. Steamed Edamame – the shelled soybeans will be the perfect replacement for nuts or trail mix. (Trail mix and nuts aren’t unhealthy but if you’re like me, it’s hard to stick to the 3 Tablespoon serving size.) These things are addicting but with only 60 calories per 1/4 Cup of edamame and a ton of protein, snack on!

4. Non-fat Yogurt – Add fresh fruit for extra credit : ) It’s a balance of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Your body will thank you.

5. Something Caffeinated: Skinny Latte’s or Non-fat Cappuccino – the worst thing you can do to your body when it’s already in a heightened state of stress from school is chug an energy drink. Seriously – those things have more sugar than a regular soda, not to mention chemicals that are in no way natural or beneficial to your body. Skinny latte’s are the perfect non-fat, sugar-free pick-me-up.

6. Something Hot: Oatmeal – if it’s a cold night and you’re looking for something comforting to go with reading your textbook, don’t underestimate the power of a bowl of oats :P It’s not just for breakfast! I’ve made oatmeal for dessert plenty of nights, but go for a low-sugar variety.

7. Something cold: Popsicles! So many fruity flavors, even chocolate. The sugar-free kinds are just as delicious and usually under 50 calories. Have 2!

8. If you absolutely must go to the vending machine: Nature Valley Granola Bar – They do have a decent amount of sugar, which could leave you hungry again after an hour or two, but they are 382 times better than a King-Size candy bar or bag of cheese puffs (who wants orange dust all over your keyboard anyways?!).

If you are as big a fan of Pinterest as I am, Pin this Study Snack List here:

And I’m a college girl with mid-terms myself so share your own study tips/healthy snacks! :)

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College student-athlete committed to living healthy and happy. I want to share my recipes, fitness tips and silly stories with YOU! There's nothing like crushing goals and becoming stronger than you ever knew you could be.

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  1. beautystillremains

    Always keep water next to you. That’s all I got – great tips.

  2. I just came across your site and I am already in love from this post alone! I really could have used this over the weekend as I took my test yesterday and it resulted from too many late night study sessions where I engorged in snacks! This is a great list though, I’ll have to pin it to have come finals time! ha
    Great site by the way! Look forward to reading more from you!!!

  3. This is great. I always have to eat something while i’m studying!

  4. I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award :-)

  5. Air popped popcorn is also great…. It’s just the kernels that you put in a lunch bag and put it in the microwave and it is just as good as regular popcorn and cheaper and 50 billion times healthier (:

  6. This is awesome!!!! Thank you for doing these posts!

  7. I absolutely love the Fruttare Frozen fruit bars!! My favorite is the strawberry with real bits of fruit in there! At only 60 calories, I can easily have two! They are delicious!! (

  8. I like to slice an apple and mix a spoonful of nutella and a spoonful of peanut butter together for dip- for those days when I NEED chocolate.

  9. These are great tips! I honestly love oatmeal, its perfect while studying and before working out! One thing I noticed that is good to keep in your room is peanut butter. In moderation, its perfect to have with pretzels or fresh fruit! :)

  10. I just graduated and immediately went to work full time at an office job. This is great for someone like me who can either go to the caf and get junk food or bring lunch (we have a fridge and microwave). I’m always looking for suggestions to add variety into my lunch during the week. Great post!

    Darrian Duckworth

  11. definitely keeping water close all the time! hydrating is key!

  12. Great post! The popsicle idea is awesome! As a student, one of my favorite snacks was to dip crunchy granola bars in yogurt.

  13. This helped me A LOT! <3 I just fell in love with you site.

  14. I will like to know more about this .

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